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Oct 19, 2007
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News from the Front:

    As an American abroad, I rely on the internet for news video broadcasts of what's happening in my home country. And as someone who can't remember anything prior to what I had for breakfast today (nothing), it's even better when I can view old video clips so I can experience events that I would have remembered had it not been for repeated blows with a blunt object to my medial temporal lobes. That's why I was extremely pleased to discover today that The Daily Show has made available all of its clips since 1999. The navigation of the clips is still a bit rusty, but I'm extremely happy that I am able to relive what I recall to be one of the most hilarious bits of television history: their coverage of the 2000 election. At last we can re-live classic moments such as Mo Rocca at Bush Headquarters, Steve Carrell and the Electoral College Tally, and the check-ins with that great American who unfortunately lost the election, Charles Doty.

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