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Jul 21, 2009
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May 26, 2007Joe Camel must be Pissed.
May 27, 2007Who spells "humus" like that?
May 27, 2007I am the mightiest warrior of the lands.
May 27, 2007Take 30 doses and never call me again.
May 28, 2007Any minute now. Here we go.
May 29, 2007It's rudimentary physics. Look it up.
May 29, 2007If you like makin' love at midnight in the dunes of the cape...
May 30, 2007Coming up next on Animal Planet:
May 31, 2007Definitely more plausible than the water-soluble aliens from "Signs."

Jun 1, 2007Oh no! The fish have broken through the protective intestinal casing!
Jun 2, 2007Luckily, she also left the garage door open.
Jun 3, 2007Buzzin' like a bee.
Jun 4, 2007That's probably not even a spider.
Jun 5, 2007"Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?"
Jun 6, 2007It's a serious game.
Jun 6, 2007It's really the next logical step.
Jun 7, 2007I'm coming up so you'd better get this party started.
Jun 7, 2007Marlon Brando never looked so good.
Jun 8, 2007What do you mean nobody's buying them?
Jun 9, 2007A discourse on the nature of humanity and fluffiness.
Jun 10, 2007Fill the dog bowl with jet fuel.
Jun 11, 2007Baby got back.
Jun 12, 2007Sleeping with the fishes.
Jun 13, 2007Someone should work out the truth table for this one.
Jun 14, 2007Energy Star qualified clothes dryer.
Jun 15, 2007Everyone loves fairy tale endings.
Jun 16, 2007Something is wrong with the lighting in this picture.
Jun 17, 2007Soccer should always be played on asphalt while drunk.
Jun 18, 2007Ancient electronic mythology.
Jun 19, 2007Tales of the Trail.
Jun 20, 2007This is too much enjoyment for people to have in public.
Jun 21, 2007The tragic downfall of a once proud creature.
Jun 22, 2007Dietary habits of the majestic bicycle: Part II.
Jun 23, 2007You should see how psyched he gets for dinner.
Jun 23, 2007Free gift of salvation with ten dollar purchase.
Jun 24, 2007Dissenter identified. Elimination in progress.
Jun 25, 2007His high-tech camouflage was no match for us.
Jun 26, 2007Here's something you don't learn about in health class.
Jun 27, 2007Fond memories of my childhood.
Jun 28, 2007Don't trust the children.
Jun 29, 2007Libiamo ne' lieti calici!
Jun 30, 2007On money and happiness.

Jul 1, 2007Strangely, though, he doesn't mind the collar and leash.
Jul 2, 2007From the school of quadriplegic dentistry.
Jul 3, 2007Advances in medical technology.
Jul 4, 2007A lesson in gravity.
Jul 5, 2007Regeneration.
Jul 6, 2007Sing a sea shanty for a ship.
Jul 7, 2007How to ensure you get a raise.
Jul 8, 2007Unplugged.
Jul 9, 2007Secrets of the Forest.
Jul 10, 2007Hats off to our new leaders.
Jul 11, 2007Arrow persuasion.
Jul 12, 2007Ugly on the outside, but has a great personality.
Jul 13, 2007It really enhances the taste of bamboo.
Jul 14, 2007Struck by the sublime.
Jul 15, 2007Why do people keep uploading bicycle pictures Part III.
Jul 16, 2007My God this is good soup.
Jul 17, 2007Speed squirrel.
Jul 18, 2007Inform the Rebel Leaders!
Jul 19, 2007Jeremy learns to count down from three.
Jul 20, 2007Walks with Grandpa.
Jul 21, 2007Extreme deconstructivism.
Jul 22, 2007Oh, really?
Jul 23, 2007Beware of the deadly otter.
Jul 24, 200732-Bit Church.
Jul 25, 2007Post-beer expressionism.
Jul 26, 2007The dreaded left-turn at Albuquerque.
Jul 27, 2007Escaping the office drones.
Jul 28, 2007Sell, sell, sell!
Jul 29, 2007Early life lessons.
Jul 30, 2007Not as happy as he looks.
Jul 31, 2007Cautionary Celebrations.

Aug 1, 2007Ball-peen hammer.
Aug 2, 2007Two roads diverged in a wood.
Aug 3, 2007Forbidden Love.
Aug 4, 2007Down by the docks.
Aug 5, 2007Lost the instructions.
Aug 6, 2007I'm in ur webcomic, killin ur bicycles.
Aug 7, 2007Exciting summer games.
Aug 8, 2007Strife.
Aug 9, 2007Country Clubbing.
Aug 10, 2007Unwritten rule.
Aug 11, 2007Coffee Break.
Aug 12, 2007Football Practice.
Aug 13, 2007A Warm Welcome.
Aug 14, 2007Minimalist Backpackers.
Aug 15, 2007Oh, Those Carefree Summer Days.
Aug 16, 2007They may also be used as a floatation device.
Aug 17, 2007Ironic Activism.
Aug 19, 2007Cooking on the trail.
Aug 20, 2007Sleeping with the birdses.
Aug 22, 2007Political Sex Scandal.
Aug 23, 2007Anonymity Airlines.
Aug 25, 2007NASA After Hours.
Aug 27, 2007Anything's an urn.
Aug 29, 2007LARPing is serious business.
Aug 30, 2007Asylum on the hill.
Aug 31, 2007Abduction.

Sep 3, 2007Everlasting symbol of love.
Sep 4, 2007The silent killer.
Sep 7, 2007Street performance.
Sep 8, 2007Sagging balloons.
Sep 9, 2007Beep Beep.
Sep 10, 2007Handicap accessibility.
Sep 11, 2007Want to go for a ride in the car?
Sep 15, 2007Beauty Contest.
Sep 17, 2007Members Only.
Sep 18, 2007Clean Cut.
Sep 19, 2007Prom night.
Sep 20, 2007A king fit for a food.
Sep 22, 2007The love machine.
Sep 24, 2007Theatrical production.
Sep 25, 2007An Ailurophobiac's Nightmare.
Sep 26, 2007Sunny Deposition.
Sep 27, 2007The Building Blocks to Madness.
Sep 30, 2007Border Control

Oct 1, 2007Copyright Infringement.
Oct 3, 2007Attack of the Cycles IV: The Oiling.
Oct 5, 2007When the Blogosphere invades the Meatosphere.
Oct 7, 2007Big Toys.
Oct 9, 2007Swordplay.
Oct 10, 2007Junk Art.
Oct 11, 2007Seriously Internet, he's not going to win.
Oct 12, 2007Non-binding resolution.
Oct 14, 2007Caption Contest #1.
Oct 15, 2007Unnatural Feeding.
Oct 16, 2007Vayamos al Estudio de Grabación.
Oct 17, 2007Grasp Handles Lightly.
Oct 18, 2007Indeed it is.
Oct 19, 2007Abandoned Playground.
Oct 20, 2007Personal Checks not Accepted.
Oct 22, 2007Genesis: Day 1.
Oct 23, 2007Genesis: Day 2.
Oct 24, 2007Genesis: Day 3.
Oct 25, 2007Genesis: Day 4.
Oct 26, 2007Genesis: Day 5.
Oct 27, 2007Genesis: Day 6.
Oct 29, 2007Fish Kish.
Oct 30, 2007Juicy Jailing.
Oct 31, 2007Till Death do Us Part.

Nov 1, 2007International Agreement.
Nov 2, 2007Later, at the UN Reception...
Nov 4, 2007Call off the Wedding!
Nov 5, 2007Oh, shoot.
Nov 6, 2007Checkmate.
Nov 7, 2007After a hard day's work...
Nov 8, 2007Gawking Granny.
Nov 9, 2007Rock on.
Nov 10, 2007Workin' the Playground.
Nov 11, 2007A Lesson in Genetics.
Nov 12, 2007A Child's Perspective.
Nov 13, 2007omgwtfbbq.
Nov 14, 2007Flunitrazepam Philosophy.
Nov 15, 2007Nice shoes.
Nov 16, 2007Tennis Balls and Old Lace.
Nov 18, 2007Priorities.
Nov 18, 2007Wanna go for a Ride in the Car?
Nov 19, 2007This'll give me nightmares.
Nov 20, 2007Siren Song.
Nov 21, 2007To Ensure a Better Harvest this Fiscal Year.
Nov 22, 2007Don't even ask where the Gravy is.
Nov 23, 2007Thanksgiving Aftermath.
Nov 24, 2007Phillip's Ass is so Fired.
Nov 25, 2007Constructive Criticism.
Nov 26, 2007Intelligent Discourse.
Nov 27, 2007
Nov 28, 2007Don't Look at a Given Horse's Teeth.
Nov 29, 2007GoodFeathers.
Nov 30, 2007Soylent Green Acres.
Dec 1, 2007Buckets of Fun.
Dec 3, 2007Public Flocking.
Dec 4, 2007Rules of the Old West.
Dec 6, 2007Crowning Achievement.
Dec 8, 2007Lessons in Child Rearing.
Dec 12, 2007Push Here.
Dec 13, 2007No Cover Charge.
Dec 17, 2007Airplane on the Rocks.
Dec 18, 2007Rock Out with your Mic Out.
Dec 19, 2007You'd Never Even Guess.
Dec 20, 2007Warning: Choking Hazard.
Dec 21, 2007We Report, You Sit There and Drool.
Dec 25, 2007Merry Eggs-mas.
Dec 26, 2007Clowning Around.
Dec 27, 2007Ho Ho Howned.
Jan 1, 2008Happy New Year.
Jan 3, 2008I Forgot what the Title was Supposed to Be.
Jan 4, 2008One: Cut a Hole in a Box.
Jan 7, 2008The Effects of Ethanol on Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid Receptors.
Jan 9, 2008Shirtless Nipple-Grab Air-Guitar.
Jan 13, 2008Jungle Fever.
Jan 14, 2008Chipmunk with a Hoop.
Jan 16, 2008Excuse me, sir? Sir?
Jan 17, 2008Safe Surfing.
Jan 19, 2008A Lovely Fragrance, Indeed.
Jan 20, 2008From the Author who Brought You "Ocean Sunsets and Poorly-Translated Poetry:"
Jan 21, 2008Get Down from There.
Jan 22, 2008Metaphors for Love.
Jan 23, 2008Kibbles 'n Kids.
Jan 24, 2008Hot Profits.
Jan 25, 2008Look out Below.
Jan 26, 2008A Day at the Beach.
Jan 27, 2008Screwed Over Yet Again.
Jan 28, 2008Moustache.
Jan 29, 2008Thine Mother is Such a Harlot...
Jan 30, 2008Pick Up Lines.
Jan 31, 2008Jesus Fish.
Feb 1, 2008Hourly Comic Day!
Feb 3, 2008Caption Contest #2.
Feb 4, 2008Hey!
Feb 5, 2008Want Fries with that Kingdom?
Feb 6, 2008Coffee.
Feb 8, 2008
Feb 8, 2008Let's Just go to Maryland, Instead.
Feb 11, 2008Please Try my Stroganoff.
Feb 12, 2008At the Playground.
Feb 14, 2008Discovery from the Bicyclistocene Era.
Feb 16, 2008
Feb 16, 2008Out of Focus.
Feb 19, 2008One Last Kiss.
Feb 21, 2008For the Business Man on the Go.
Feb 24, 2008Cactus Justice.
Feb 26, 2008LoLMeme.
Feb 29, 2008See Me After Class.
Mar 3, 2008A Cold Lesson.
Mar 9, 2008The Real Reason I Haven't been Updating.
Mar 10, 2008Ninety Degrees of Confusion.
Mar 11, 2008Fiscal Responsibility.
Mar 14, 2008Mundane Marble.
Mar 24, 2008In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.
Mar 28, 2008Love is a Balancing Act.
Apr 25, 2008Brother Jack.
Apr 26, 2008Footprints in the Sand.
Apr 29, 2008A Matter of Perspective.
May 1, 2008Keep Your Eye on the Ball.
May 4, 2008Gardening.
May 6, 2008Disagreement.
May 8, 2008Fairy Ambitions.
May 9, 2008Pipe Dream.
May 13, 2008Murder at Swan Lake.
May 15, 2008Population Control.
May 18, 2008Caption Contest #3
May 21, 2008Dreams of my Father.
Jun 13, 2008New Beginnings.
Jun 14, 2008Just when you thought the primary season was over...
Jul 19, 2008Pinch pinch.
Jul 29, 2008Toro! Toro!
Jul 31, 2008That Thing You Were Looking For.
Aug 3, 2008A Waste of an Anagram.
Aug 5, 2008Manna from Heaven.
Aug 6, 2008Unwinding After a Hard Day's Work.
Aug 7, 2008Never Name Your Child 'Todd.'
Aug 9, 2008You Might Feel a Pinch.
Aug 10, 2008Conversations for a First Date.
Aug 12, 2008Turkey with Stuffing.
Aug 14, 2008The Downfall of Man.
Sep 1, 2008Resignation.
Sep 22, 2008Light Reading.
Sep 23, 200810.. 9.. 8.. Blastoff!
Sep 24, 2008A Simple Man with Simple Shrimp.
Sep 25, 2008A Simple Man Simply wants Simple Shrimp.
Sep 26, 2008Singing Septuagenarians Solely Solicit Shrimp Sticks.
Sep 29, 2008Reassuring Signage.
Sep 30, 2008Reflections on the Human Condition.
Oct 1, 2008Ol' Bess.
Oct 2, 2008Joey and the Lame Exhibit.
Oct 3, 2008The Watermelon Patch.
Oct 6, 2008The Latest in Joint Fashions.
Oct 7, 2008Conversations with a Snake.
Oct 9, 2008Dissecting the Defence.
Oct 10, 2008Bag Lunch.
Oct 13, 2008Groundbike Day.
Oct 14, 2008Sand
Oct 16, 2008Olde Tyme Fun.
Oct 22, 2008Pawn to Queen's Bishop 3.
Oct 24, 2008Sprung a Leak.
Oct 28, 2008Engaging in pleasantries among acquaintances.
Oct 30, 2008Thank Goodness for Modern Technology.
Nov 4, 2008Happy Election Day!
Nov 5, 2008Levitating Lassie.
Nov 10, 2008The Adventures of Candy Bear.
Nov 12, 2008The Ladies Shake their Boötes while the Fellas Pop Capellas.
Nov 13, 2008Playground Rules.
Nov 24, 2008Why Can't We do it Today?
Nov 27, 2008Flying South.
Dec 7, 2008And there's not even a Delivery Charge!
Dec 9, 2008Statuary Assertion.
Dec 12, 2008Oceanside Meditations.
Dec 21, 2008Return to Sender.
Dec 23, 2008A Gentleman's Game.
Feb 6, 2009Caption This.
Feb 7, 2009Llama.
Feb 10, 2009An Appropriate Reaction to the Current Set of Circumstances.
Feb 12, 2009Parents Just Don't Understand.
Feb 14, 2009The Cake is A li..ve
Feb 16, 2009Star Wars Museum.
Feb 18, 2009Z.
Feb 20, 2009A Spongy Family Reunion.
Feb 22, 2009Sir Winston's Relationship Advice.
Feb 24, 2009Tea's in the Cupboard, Dear.
Apr 21, 2009Please Curb Your Dogs.
Apr 26, 2009Victoria's Secret
May 10, 2009Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.
May 13, 2009Kitty is Not Amused.
Jul 19, 2009Candy Stage.
Jul 21, 2009Pyramid Problems.

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