A daily webcomic randomly* snatched from the good people at Flickr™.

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Citrus Soldier is a daily webcomic based on a novel idea: the images used are chosen from a small, random sample of photographs uploaded by members of the internet-going public to the Flickr website. Here's how the process works:

1. At a random time each day, I send the Citrus Soldier out on a scouting mission to retrieve the most recent twenty or so photos uploaded to Flickr which are listed under a Creative Commons license that permits me to adapt and redistribute the photographs. These are downloaded to my computer with no prior knowledge of the selection of photos I will receive.

2. Next, I browse through this small list of downloaded photographs and choose one to write a caption for. If there are ever any bizarre, boring, or otherwise noteworthy photographs, blame it on this step. In order to maintain the semi-random nature of this project, I only give myself the choice of this small selection of the many thousands of photos uploaded to Flickr each day. In addition, I force myself to write a caption for one of the photographs each time I run the photo retrieval script. If I didn't, the Citrus Soldier might go on a shooting rampage, and nobody wants that.

3. I make some small modifications to the photograph, such as making it grayscale and adding a border. Then I stare blankly at the photo until a stroke of creative genius (or the closest approximation thereof) hits me and I add a caption to the bottom of the image.

4. After (not very thoroughly) checking for spelling errors, the new comic is ready to be uploaded to the website. I will make an attempt to keep a somewhat regular uploading schedule (probably between 4-5 A.M. EST), but I make no guarantees at this stage. I will guarantee at least one new comic a day, however!

The Author

My name is Norm. I write the captions under the photographs! I am a grad student in astronomy and I work on this comic when I should be working on my thesis project. If you'd like to contact me, drop me an email at:

normdg - at - gmail - dot - com


All the photographs I use for this project are listed under one of a few different Creative Commons licenses that allow others to redistribute and alter the original work under a few conditions set by the original author, the most restrictive of which being the by-nc-sa unported license.

The photographers of the original images used in this project are given credit via a link to the Flickr page from which the photo was originally obtained. This link to the Original can be found directly underneath each comic.

All of the comics on this site are then subsequently redistributed with a by-nc-sa license.

The open-source mentality of Creative Commons licencing is what makes this website possible. Needless to say,this project couldn't be a reality if it weren't for the original photographers choosing to distribute their works in this way. Many props to them!

Citrus Soldier writing and photo alterations by Norman da Gama.
normdg at gmail dot com
*See "About" for more information.
Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

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